Special Food in Pu Luong - Thanh Hoa

July 22, 2023

As part of the journey, experiencing the local gastronomy is a way to discover the culture. The food in Pu Luong is particularly tasty, healthy and varied. We will find out in this article what not to miss when visiting Pu Luong Nature Reserve.


The Pu Luong duck

As previously mentioned, the duck (Vịt Cổ Lũng in Vietnamese) is one of the most famous dishes/ food in Pu Luong. Hanoians are coming to Pu Luong with the purpose to taste it. It can be cooked in different ways, boiled, steamed, grilled. You will find it everywhere in Pu Luong, even if you have the chance to share a local meal with a family.


The banana flower or papaya salad

They are growing naturally and usually picked up directly from the tree to be prepared instantly. From the tree to the plate, without any chemicals, yummy and healthy. Perfect dishes to enjoy for lunch during the hot summer.


The stream snails

Snails are on the top list of favorite dishes for Vietnamese. Every size, every kind, if the appearance can repel some, it really deserves a try. Even more in Pu Luong where the water from the stream is known as pure and rich.


The buffalo dry meat

Consider as a luxurious dish, the buffalo dry meat is often served for special event (marriage, birthday or any kind of celebrations). Perfect marriage when dipping in the mixture of special local pepper and salt. Even better with a local beer for the beer lovers!


The chả lá lốt

“Lá lốt”is a king of vegetable very popular. The chả lá lốt can be considered as a nem. Meat will be fried before being rolled into the lá lốt leave. If you can find that in many places, the lá lốt leave are fresh and organic in Pu Luong which makes it tasteful.


The Bamboo shoots

Pu Luong is the place of giant bamboo forest. Locals have used this natural asset to hunt the bamboo shoot to make a delicious dish. If you experience with a local family, you can ask them to come to collect the bamboo shoots with them. Or you can join one of our cooking class, and we will organize it for you.


The fish in Pu Luong

The Cham river is full of fish and the local fishermen are making a living of it. The special one will be cooked in a banana leave at low heat. The meat will remain tender and will be soaked by the flavor of the leave. A must-try food in Pu Luong.


The Com Lam in Pu Luong

Specialty of the Thai people, another must try! The sticky rice is slowly cooked in a bamboo stick, providing a smoked flavor very unique. You will accompany that with peanuts’ dust.


The Canh in Pu Luong

Canh is a traditional soup that you will find everywhere in Vietnam when having a family meal. All over the country, you will find many different Canh, from the vegetable one, seafood one or meat one. In Pu Luong, they have this special one named Canh Dang. It is made either with Chicken, pork or fish stomach with some herbs and vegetables. Very tasty and very suitable for winter time.