15 Best Homestays in Sapa

July 23, 2023

In this article we are going to share the best Sapa Homestays 2023. Sapa is a beautiful mountain town located in the north of Vietnam around 300 km northwest of Hanoi. There are so many great things to do in Sapa. This lovely town has a well earned reputation for stunning scenery, beautiful trekking and rich tribal culture. 

Sapa is also an amazing location for epic homestays. Many of the homestays in Sapa are extremely beautiful, located amongst mountains, valleys and rice paddies. They offer an authentic and genuine local experience living amongst local communities. Sapa homestays also tend to be great value for money – offering affordable accommodation. Sapa homestays typically range in price between £10 – £80 per night (most on the lower end of this range). They often include breakfast and may include other meals too. 

So whether you are looking for a digital detox, a romantic getaway or a base for trekking, we think that you will love these Sapa homestays. All of these places are located in Sapa town and there are some amazing hotels here.

TOP TIP: If you’re going to a remote homestay remember to bring plenty of cash. The only ATM machines in the area are located in Sapa town – so make sure you have enough money to cover your whole trip into the villages. 

Why stay in a Sapa Homestay?

Cat Cat village lavandar fieldThere are many advantages to staying in a homestay in Sapa. Homestays are often located in some of the most beautiful and tranquil locations. Don’t miss the beautiful Cat Cat village – immersed in rice terraces and mountains.

Whether it is surrounded by rice paddies, perched on a hillside or overlooking rivers and valleys – there are some amazing locations. Experience local life through the day from early morning until late evening.  

H'mong tribal dress sapa

Many homestays in Sapa have been developed purposefully and integrate innovative style and features. Staying in a homestay is the best way to immerse yourself in the local culture. Hosts often invite guests to join them for meals – be prepared to enjoy copious amounts of delicious food and strong rice wine. 

Sapa homestays Sau Meo food backpacking family

Homestays are the perfect environment whether you want to learn more about H’mong food and traditions or just slow down and connect with nature. Staying in a homestay is a great way of supporting tribal communities in the region. 

What are Sapa homestays actually like? 

Fruit Sapa homestay

We absolutely loved our time exploring amazing Sapa homestays. This really is a unique way to immerse yourself in rural life and experience H’mong culture. Sapa homestays are beautiful but a little basic. If you’re looking for stunning scenery, peace and tranquility, Sapa homestays deliver. However, if you’re looking for high levels of comfort, convenience and luxury we recommend that you consider some of the 5 star hotels in Sapa or Hanoi. 

Some Challenges of a Sapa homestay

Here are some of the challenges you may experience in a Sapa homestay: 

  • Language barrier: You may need to be creative and patient in the way you communicate. Many of the locals in Sapa don’t speak English. They are however very accustomed to a language barrier and most hosts can tune into your needs quickly. 

  • Cold weather: Sapa is a mountain climate and it can get cold – especially in winter. Some of these homestays can get a bit chilly. We recommend bringing some extra layers and speak to your host if you need more bedding. 

  • Power outages: Another challenge that you might face in Sapa is power cuts (especially in bad weather)

  • Rough roads: One of the big challenges of getting to your Sapa homestay is the road quality (or lack thereof). Some of the roads leading to the villages around Sapa are unpaved and rocky. At times you can get small localized floods. Also be aware that some of the roads are very steep. 

  • Small range of food: Another thing you are likely to experience at your homestay is a limited range of food. Homestays may offer an extensive menu but only have certain items available at any given time. This depends on what they can get at the market and what they have in stock.

  • Limited local products: You may also find it challenging to get certain products locally.

  • Limited connectivity: Wifi and mobile signal can also be limited. Some homestays may offer reasonable wifi but we don’t recommend relying on this. Mobile signal can also be very weak too. 

Hopefully you’re not put off? Many of the challenges can actually be seen as a positive part of the homestay experience. So our advice? Disconnect from screens, reconnect with nature, slow down and absorb the experience. 

Top tips for making the most of your Sapa homestay

vietnam accommodation

  • Contact your host to confirm check in times and swap numbers

  • Bring several warm layers and waterproofs

  • Bring comfortable walking shoes (ideally waterproof)

  • Bring swimming stuff (if your homestay has a pool)

  • Bring any snacks you will need (or want!)

  • Bring plenty of money (the only ATM machines are in Sapa town)

  • Download google translate and save the Vietnamese language offline

  • Download maps.me and make sure you have the Sapa region available offline

  • Let friends and family know that you may be out of signal for a while

  • Pack a good book and prepare to chill out

  • Most homestays provide toilet paper but it may be worth having some spare! 

1. Sapa Plum Homestay (Sapa Town)

Sapa homestay plum

Looking for a homestay that has the perfect balance of rural tranquility and urban convenience? Check out the peaceful Sapa Plum Homestay. This no-thrills property is affordable, simple and immersed in beautiful gardens and farmland. We absolutely loved our stay here. It genuinely feels like a retreat. Sapa Plum Homestay doesn’t have any wifi. The property is very simple with a garden and small area to make drinks. 

Childcentred learning worldschooling

Surrounded by lush farmland and rolling hills, this really is a dreamy place to stay if you’re attracted to a simple and beautiful stay. Rooms at the Sapa Plum Homestay have bathtubs and private bathrooms. The main downside of Sapa Plum? The closest food is in town which is around 10 – 15 minutes walk. You may find it helpful to stock up on snacks and noodles.  There is no kitchen, menu or food available at this homestay.

Plum house homestay sapa

Plum house homestay sapa 2

Also we mentioned that there is not any wifi at Sapa Plum homestay. Mobile signal can be limited here too. This is a great place to disconnect from tech and reconnect with nature. 

Rooms typically range between £10 – £20 per night here. Overall this is pretty good value for money.

Sapa Plum on Agoda

Sapa Plum on Booking.com

2. Sapa Tatu Homestay (Sapa town)

Sapa Tatu homestay

This lovely little homestay provides picturesque, affordable and comfortable accommodation and an excellent location in Sapa town. The hostess is super lovely and cooks amazing food – the portions are generous and delicious (dinner costs around 120,000VND). 

It is around 10 minutes from the lake by walking. The Sapa Tatu homestay is surrounded by lush gardens and they also offer amazing fresh local mountain food. Breakfast is included with rooms (always check when you book). Not bad for one of the cheapest places to stay in Sapa. 

Sapa Tatu homestay

Rooms are cozy and comfortable even in colder weather. Hot water can be a little limited at times – but you should still be able to get a hot shower. We would encourage you to book early as this really is one of the BEST budget options around.  They also have a quadruple room – great for families on a budget! 

Rooms generally range between £10 – £20 at this homestay.

Sapa Tatu on Agoda

Sapa Tatu on Booking.com

3. Homestay 715 (Sapa town)

Homestay 715 2

Homestay 715 is another brilliant option at the budget end. It is situated on a hill on the west side of Sapa town (around 15 minutes walk from the lake and around 10 minutes from Sapa Central square). The hostess Lily is very welcoming, friendly and helpful. We love the flexibility at this homestay – whether you’re needing a late arrival or help booking a tour – they will do what they can to help. 

Homestay 715 1

This marvelous homestay offers a unique combination of stunning mountain views AND a good location in Sapa town. There is a rooftop terrace with stunning views – and the rooms are also very comfortable and offer epic views too. They even offer a quadruple room (ensuite bathroom) – which makes this a great option for families. Homestay 715 includes a great breakfast too – but as ever double check this when you book. 

Rooms range between £15 – £30 at this homestay

Homestay 715 on Agoda

Homestay 715 on Booking.com

4. Mintu Home (Sapa town)

Mintu homestay in Sapa town

This stunning homestay is located at the south of Sapa town (around 2km from the town centre). So this isn’t the best option if you want to be in the centre of Sapa. However, this homestay is in a remarkable location overlooking the stunning Lao Chai valley with great views of Fanispan and the surrounding mountains. The walk to town is around 20 – 30 minutes and there are also plenty of taxis around too. This is a great location for starting treks and exploring Cat Cat village. 

Mintu homestay in Sapa town 1

Ling and her family run this homestay with a generous and warm attitude. Rooms include a very good breakfast with a choice of Vietnamese and western food. Portions are generous and the food is fresh and tasty. Rooms are around £20. We strongly recommend reserving a room with a mountain view (these rooms are slightly more expensive but we reckon that it’s worth it!)

Mintu Home on Agoda

Mintu Home on Booking.com

5. Stone Paradise Homestay (Cat Cat Village)

stone paradise sapa homestay

This is a beautiful homestay located in Cat Cat Village. This is a H’mong ethnic village located a few kilometers to the west of Sapa (down the hill). The Stone Paradise homestay offers a range of rooms to accommodate different sized groups. This beautiful homestay is set amongst stunning surroundings. The host is very friendly and welcoming and they offer breakfast, dinner, craft, hiking tours and motorbike rental. They can also help you arrange a taxi. 

stone paradise sapa homestay

The Stone Paradise Homestay is one of the more expensive options in the Sapa area. The high price reflects the touristy area (don’t be put off – it is genuinely very beautiful). Rooms range in price from £20 – £70 per night. 

TOP TIP: If you are staying in Cat Cat village you will also need to pay for an entrance permit (only one needed for your whole stay). It costs 700,000VND per person. 

Stone Paradise on Agoda

Stone Paradise on Booking.com

6. ChienDe Homestay (Cat Cat Village)

ChienDe 1

ChienDe Homestay is a beautiful and simple homestay located in the Cat Cat village. Chien and his family are very welcoming and greet guests with warm Vietnamese hospitality. They can offer treks around the area (and the prices are generally cheaper than booking through tour operators). ChienDe is located amongst beautiful farmland with water buffalo and rice paddies. 

We love the bright vibrant tribal designs in this homestay. Rooms generally range in price between £20 – £40 for this homestay. This is more expensive than average – a reflection of the touristy nature of Cat Cat village. Overall, we do still think this lovely place is worth a stay. 

TOP TIP: If you are staying in Cat Cat village you will also need to pay for an entrance permit (only one needed for your whole stay). It costs 700,000VND per person. 

DeChien on Agoda

ChienDe on Booking.com

7. Sapa Big Tree Hmong Homestay (Lao Chai Village)

Big Tree 3

Sapa Big Tree homestay is a great option if you want to experience the best of Vietnamese hospitality immersed in stunning surroundings. This homestay is beautiful, small and simple. It is on the low end of the budget range and offers an authentic local experience. 

Big Tree 1

Big Tree 2

The hostess is called Co. She is extremely lovely and she has great English and she is also a very talented cook. We recommend that you also try dinner at this homestay. This would be a great starting point if you are planning a trek through the valley. Rooms range between £10 – £20 per night. 

Big Tree on Agoda

Big Tree on Booking.com

8. Chapa Farmstay Mountain Retreat (Lao Chai village)

chapa farmstay 3 luxury homestay Sapa

Chapa Farmstay is a stylish and comfortable homestay located in the Lao Chai Village area. This lovely homestay is located a few kilometers from the main road and offers a secluded sanctuary for unwinding. 

This is one of the more up-market homestay options around Sapa. We love the warm wooden design of this property.

chapa farmstay luxury homestay Sapa

Rooms are spacious, comfortable and offer excellent views of the beautiful valley. The family bungalow is very impressive – offering space, privacy and comfort. If a homestay can be luxurious – this is probably it. The food at Chapa Farmstay is excellent – tasty, fresh and healthy.

chapa farmstay luxury homestay Sapa

An excellent breakfast is included with rooms – but as ever, check this when you book. Chapa Farmstay can help arrange treks and tours. They can also rent motorbikes and arrange taxis for guests. Rooms generally range in price between £40 – £120 per night.

Chapa on Agoda

Chapa on Booking.com

9. Amica House (Ta Van)

Amica 3 beautiful sapa homestay

Amica House in Ta Van is genuinely superlative. This is one of the most impressive homestays in the Sapa area. This lovely homestay overlooks rice paddies, giving you the sense that you are suspended in the air. 

We are very impressed with the family room. This impressive suite can sleep up to 4 people (two large double beds). It also has a balcony for relaxing to amazing views. We love the cozy wooden rooms with large windows with panoramic mountain views. You can enjoy gazing at stunning mountains and paddies as you lay in bed. 

Amica 3 beautiful sapa homestay

Hong, the hostess, welcomes guests and loves to share her local knowledge. She is also an amazing cook. Breakfast is tasty, fresh and healthy – the perfect start to your day! This homestay is also beautifully situated for trekking around Ta Van and the surrounding areas. Rooms range between £20 – £50 per night at Amica House.  

Amica House on Agoda

Amica House on Booking.com

10. Plum Eco House (Ta Van)

plum eco 1

The Plum Eco House is an amazing option if you’re staying in Ta Van village. This lovely homestay packs a lot of character and charm for the price. We love the country house interior design. Rooms are spacious, comfortable and artistically decorated. 

plum eco 3

plum eco 2

Rex and Rose (the hosts) speak great English. They are very hospitable and very willing to help you book a guided trek, find a taxi or get some local insight. The food is also delicious and the portions are very generous. Rooms range between £20 – £30 per night. 

Plum Eco House on Agoda

Plum Eco House on Booking.com

11. Sapa Eco Hugo (Ta Van)

eco hugo 1

Immersed in lush green rice paddies, Sapa Eco Hugo is another great option located in Ta Van. This homestay has clean modern vibes with wooden interiors for a nice natural aesthetic. Large Windows afford plenty of natural light and offer panoramic views of the beautiful surroundings. They also offer a range of rooms including a family bungalow that can sleep up to 4 people. Rooms are spacious, cozy and very comfortable. 

eco hugo 2

The staff at this homestay speak excellent English and they are very helpful. They are willing to help you arrange treks, tours or book taxis. This homestay also offers excellent fresh food. The breakfast is particularly good with very tasty pancakes – the perfect way to start your day! Rooms range in price between £20 and £60 per night. 

Eco Hugo on Agoda

Eco Hugo on Booking.com

12. Sapa’s Soul (Giang Ta Chai)

Sapa soul homestay

If you’re looking for another extraordinary homestay in the mountains around Sapa – don’t miss Sapa’s Soul. Beautifully situated overlooking the valley, this homestay offers hospitality, comfort and peace. Rooms are comfortable, cozy and come with a beautiful mountain view. 

Sapa soul homestay

The food at Sapa’s Soul is genuinely excellent – and you can even get involved and learn some local recipes. Some rooms have shared bathrooms and some have a private bathroom. Check when you book. Rooms range in price between £10 – £30. 

Sapa’s Soul on Agoda

Sapa’s Soul on Booking.com

13. La Beauté Sa Pa (Giang Ta Chai)

la beaute 1

La Beauté is a gorgeous property immersed in lush green farmland. We love the use of outdoor spaces at this homestay. Rooms are also cozy with wooden interiors and artistic tribal textiles. There is an excellent menu at La Beauté and the food is very good here.

la beaute 2

We do recommend checking whether breakfast is included with your booking. 

The staff at La Beauté are very helpful. They speak good English and can help you arrange transport and book treks. This homestay is also located close to the main road allowing convenient transportation to Sapa and other attractions in the area.

la beaute 3

This homestay is great value for money. Rooms are generally between £10 – £20 per night. 

La Beauté on Agoda

La Beauté on booking.com

14. Sau Meo Homestay (Su Pan Village)

Sau meo swimming pool homestay

Sau Meo is a charming family run homestay located on a small village road in Su Pan village. There is a small outdoor swimming pool with stunning views over the valley. Sau Meo is surrounded by lush farmland and rice paddies. Rooms are small, clean, comfortable and beautifully decorated with wooden interiors. Get ready to run in for a hot shower after a swim. 

sau meo homestay near Sapa

Sau Meo include breakfast with your room. There is a choice of fried rice, noodle soup and pancakes. The pancakes are very tasty! For other meals there is a menu of simple food – in our opinion the food is expensive for what you get. We weren’t impressed with the quality of food here – but the location and swimming pool are stunning. There are a couple of small local shops nearby but nowhere else to buy food. Rooms generally range in price from £10 – £20 per night. 

Sau Meo on Booking.com

15. Pavi Home (Su Pan Village)

pavi 2 homestay sapa

This unique and stylish homestay is located in the remote Su Pan village. We love muji-style interior design, with light pastel plastered walls and large windows for natural light. Rooms are comfortable and cozy. This homestay also displays beautiful artwork produced by a local artist.


Rooms include an excellent breakfast – choose between eggs, noodle soup or pancakes. Pavi homestay has a beautiful garden and enjoys amazing views over the valley. They offer a very tasty menu of fresh food. The Host also speaks excellent English and is very friendly and helpful.

pavi 3 homestay sapa

The main disadvantage of Pavi home is the distance from Sapa. £25 – £45 per night.

Pavi on Booking.com