Quan Ba - Ha Giang - Highlight and Travel Guide

July 17, 2023

Quan Ba heaven gate is considered as one of the tourist destinations should not miss when coming to Ha Giang – the first land of the country. Quan Ba Heaven Gate, also known as Quan Ba Pass belongs to Quan Ba District, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam.

With a height of more than 1500m and located about 43km from Ha Giang city, this place is also the beginning of another famous place “The road of happiness” and is the first gateway to enter the Dong Van Ky rock plateau.

Why Quan Ba Heaven Gate Is Unique?

Owning an ideal height to be able to fully view the beauty of Ha Giang from above through the clouds is 1500m above sea level. It is especially proud to say that this is the first and official gateway to the global geological road of the rocky plateau. It is still the very typical beauty of the lush green highlands in Ha Giang when the more interesting point is that you can see the sky is very close to the adjacent point, true to its inherent name.

Top Things To Do In Quan Ba

For those who like to experience, want to discover new things or simply want to capture the most realistic moments, Quan Ba Heaven Gate in Ha Giang is an ideal place.

From the top of the mountain, visitors can eyesight to the farthest side to admire the majestic scenery of this Dong Van rock plateau. In the front is the vast Quan Ba valley, bringing a peaceful beauty with the yellow colour of ripe rice, terraces field and flickering the houses of ethnic minorities sometimes emitting smoke from the kitchen.

In the distance is the Co Tien Twin Mountain, the masterpiece of creation with clouds spreading all over the way to create a poetic setting. Many people liken this place to a fairy-tale place where the clouds, the sun and the mountains and forests blend. Behind is the legendary “Happiness Road” which contributes to the traffic connection in this poor land.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate?

From April to May is the transplanting rice season and the middle of September is the beginning of the ripe rice season of Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, so this will be an ideal time to travel to Quan Ba heaven gate. Besides, the early spring days also attract tourists with unique festivals of the locals here.

However, you should not travel around June – August of the lunar calendar because this is a period of heavy rain, storms and roads will be very dangerous. At an altitude of over 1500m, the weather at Quan Ba sky gate will also be a bit chilly. Therefore, when visiting this place, do not forget to bring a warm coat to stay healthy.

If you visit Quan Ba Heaven Gate in Ha Giang. Please do not forget to visit the Quan Ba sky to explore the beauty North Vietnam Holiday here!

Recommended Accommodation In Quan Ba

  • Tam Son Guesthouse

  • Hotels 567

  • Hostel in Quan Ba

  • Nui Doi Hostel

  • Anh Hoat Hostel

  • Duc Thien Hostel

  • Binh Minh Hostel

  • Dao Lodge

  • Homestay Ly Ta Dat

  • Minh Truong Homestay

  • Anh Do Homestay

  • Homestay Ly Ta Han

What To Eat In Quan Ba?

Coming to Quan Ba, you can enjoy the specialties of Ha Giang such as thang co, thang den, smoked buffalo meat,… are all typical dishes of Ha Giang. Also, in Quan Ba, there is a very famous specialty that is seedless Hong. If you want to see flowering, then come to Quan Ba in March and April; If you want to enjoy this Quan Ba specialty then come here from August to November.

How To Go Quan Ba Heaven Gate?

Quan Ba heaven gate is a good place to check-in the mountains when travelling Ha Giang Tour. However, pay a little attention to get the most perfect experience when coming here. The first is to choose a suitable means to go to the heavens. If you want to conquer the steep passages and can stop anywhere to check-in, choose a motorbike. This is a suitable means to have friends with memorable memories.

However, if you are not confident in your steering wheel, you can choose a bus to Ha Giang or hire a limousine. These drivers have a lot of experience riding on these passes and they will help you be safer. You travel to Ha Giang and then get on National Road 4C on the distance of 47km to reach Quan Ba one of the beautiful roads in Ha Giang

And if you travel from northeast of the country from Cao Bang, you pass through Dong Van to reach Quan Ba. The best recommend transportation to Ha Giang and Quan Ba is on private transport so that you can have a flexible time on road and view this mountain area as your wish

Furthermore, You may take the local bus from Hanoi – Ha Giang:

Gia Lam Bus Station:

Address: 132 Ngo Gia Kham, Ngoc Lam, Long Bien, Hanoi

My Dinh Bus Station:

Address: My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Quick Tips

  • Should take Ha giang Tours from Hanoi, so everything tour operator and tour guide will do for you. Especially the permit to entry to that area. This area still discovery so book in advance private tour from Ha Noi. This is a great idea.