How to Choose a Cruise: The 10 Best Cruise Lines in Ha Long Bay

June 25, 2023

Choosing the right cruise operator for your trip to Halong Bay can overwhelm even the most experienced travelers: with a plethora of cruise options ranging from ultimate luxury to ultra-budget there are literally dozens of operators to choose from.

It’s important to know that cruises that run through Halong Bay are a totally different animal to the kind that frequent the Caribbean or Trans-Atlantic routes. Halong Cruises run on a much smaller scale but there are often many cruise lines that come under one operator. However, there are a few big fish that run larger cruise lines who tend to provide better quality and service, in this guide, we talk about the main cruise operators travelers should consider for a cruise trip.

1. Pelican Group

 One of the best selling cruises in Halong Bay!

Pioneering in providing 4-star cruise services on Ha Long Bay, Pelican Cruises stands out with its nostalgic Indochinese design combined with rustic and sophisticated wooden interiors. With a total of 42 rooms divided into two classes of Pelican Classic and Pelican Glory, separate bay-view balconies, an outdoor bar that embraces the magnificent natural scenery, a floating restaurant with a blend of Eurasian and Asian flavors, the journeys on Pelican Cruises will surely bring the upgraded and most memorable experience to all clients.


* Morning Tai Chi on deck.

* Cave tours.

* Kayaking between karsts.

* Pelican Cruise spa.

* Squid Fishing.

* Visiting fishing villages

* Watching Pearl Processing

* Cycling to discover Cat Ba island

* Swimming on charming tropical beaches

Prices from: $155 USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/ 3 days 2 nights

2. Athena Cruise Line

Athena Cruises

Athena operates Athena Cruise, a 5-star luxury cruise boat that runs in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay. The Athena Cruise is medium sized with around 21 cabins and has an indoor restaurant and bar onboard. The onboard staff are available 24 hours a day to make sure their guests stay is as comfortable as possible. Signature Cruise is a little different as the cruise takes place on a luxury wooden boat, although both Athena and Signature both cruise through Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. The restaurants on Signature Cruise also serve 5-star western and Vietnamese food and provide a spa service.


* Tai Chi.

* Tour of Thien Canh Song Cave.

* Kayaking.

* Visit to Tung Sau Area Floating Village.

* Cooking demonstrations.

* Spa -Signature Cruise only.

* Visit a pearl farm - Signature Cruise only.

Prices from: $147 USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

3. Ambassador Cruise

Ambassador Overnight Cruise I (120-passenger capacity) & Ambassador Day Cruise II (500-passenger capacity) are two largest 5-star luxury cruises in Ha Long Bay. Both exquisite ships include opulent and well-appointed cabins, deluxe restaurants featuring premium Asian-European cuisine, stylish twin Sundecks with panoramic view of the Bay, an open-air Jacuzzi pool, bars, and a Spac lounge. The combination of state-of-the-art facilities and spectacular recreations makes Ambassador Cruise an impeccable destination for the most exceptional Heritage adventures.


* Hiking

* Swimming

* Kayaking.

* Cave Exploration

* Premium Cuisine

* Open-Air Jacuzzi Pool

* Trong Mai Islet

* Cooking Class

* Live Music, Squid Fishing

* Spa Treatment

* Movies at Cabin

Prices from: $ USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

4. Paradise Cruise

Paradise Vietnam has one of the biggest fleets in the bays of Ha Long and Lan Ha, including overnight cruises on Paradise Elegance and Paradise Grand, and day cruises on Paradise Explorer. In 2023, the group intends to launch an international 5-star dining cruise Paradise Delight with a capacity of 360 guests. Not only serving exquisite buffets and set menus, it will offer the first spectacle show on Ha Long Bay.


* Indulgent spa

* Visiting unspoiled destinations such as the caves, frog ponds

* Cooking classes

* Cocktail courses

* Innovative sundeck

* Mixology class

* Butler service

* Room service

* Finest cuisine menu

* Piano bar

* Most extensive drink lists with premium wines and cocktails

* State-of-the-art meeting and event facilities

* Finest seafood buffet in town

Prices from: 215$ USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night (Ha Long Bay & Lan Ha Bay)/3 days 2 nights

5. Moncheri Cruise

Mon Chéri Cruises is one of the Most Luxurious Cruise brands in Ha Long Bay. The First Cruise was launched in early 2018 and aims to provide a High-end service and remarkable holiday experience for our customers.  They have organized unique itineraries which are off the beaten track in Ha Long Bay and  Lan Ha Bay thus you are guaranteed a remarkable experience, exploring the hidden charms of the bay, taking in the stunning scenery from the comfort of the ship and visit pristine beaches that you can find nowhere else.

Two Mon Chéri Cruises offer 42 Luxurious and Elegant Cabins, Mon Cheri Cruise 1 offer 18 Stylish Cabins and Mon Cheri Cruise 2 offer 24 Stylish Cabins, from Two Cruises with Professional Services and Friendly Highly Skilled Crew Members who are ready to ensure that your time on the Ship is Unforgettable.


* Bamboo boat trip

* Kayaking Mon Cheri Cruises

* Dining Moncheri Cruises

* Cooking

* Squid Fishing

* Swimming

* Walking

Prices from: 185$ USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

6. Era Cruise

ERA CRUISES, the only vessels among Ha Long – Lan Ha Bay vessels were built in the largest shipyard in Vietnam, Damen Song Cam shipyard – a joint venture with Damen group in Holland. The Cruises therefore followed international standards about ship building. The high price of Era Cruises comes from not only luxurious interior design, spacious cabin, the largest private sun terrace on bay but also high safety level with double hull design. Further to these, Era Cruises is one of the two Cruises line that feature with lift to all floor that make it being friendly to all kind of guests. Travelling with Era Cruises is travelling without fear about safety and at the highest level of convenience that a cultural tour can bring in.

ERA CRUISES, provide unlimited time tour programs from 1 days or few hours on board. They do tailored made the tour for both leisure guests and those who are so busy that have only few hours to discover the international heritage site. Guests are free to choose for sightseeing the nature beauty, swimming in the middle of sea, kayaking surround different shape of lime karst or make a short trip to visit local village, Cat Ba island and so on.


* Viet Hai Village

* Kayaking

* Squid Fishing

* Taichi Lesson

* Cooking Class

* Vietnamese Cuisine

Prices from: $ USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

7. Alisa Cruise

Alisa Premier Luxury 5-star Cruise, experience the new definition of contemporary luxury event. It not only offers luxury yacht service with the highest safety standards but also a completely unique experience with well researched itineraries, attentive service, authentic decor, delicious food. ... That makes your stay a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Alisa Premier Cruise has 22 luxurious separate rooms with private balconies and Jacuzzi tubs, satellite TV ( the only some small cruise has this modern system)

This 5-star yacht is fully equipped with high-class facilities such as high-class restaurant with panoramic views, outdoor bar, seasonal swimming pool, gym, beauty spa & massage, children's playground... needs, is what sets us apart and makes your Halong Bay discovery journey unique and memorable. Come to Alisa Premier Cruise, where you will have an enchanting experience guaranteed.


* Alisa Spa

* Tai Chi

* Swimming

* Squid Fishing

* Cooking Class

* Vietnamese Cuisine

* Kayaking

* Cave Visiting

* Spa and Massage Service

* Four Season Swimming Pool

Prices from: 165$ USD.

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

8. Heritage Cruises

Heritage Cruises is pure, artful and elegant in offering special perspectives on the Red River and the Tonkin Gulf. Heritage Cruises welcome is personal, with only 20 suites, the accommodation sumptuous, and the views just gorgeous. Whether it is a cool scented towel upon arrival, thoughtfully laying out your slippers, dimming the lights and turning down your bed every evening, or creating last-minute magic to accommodate a special request, the staff at Heritage Cruises will surprise, delight, and amaze you with their ability to anticipate your needs, often before you realize them yourself.


* Cave exploration

* Kayaking or bamboo-boat ride

* Swimming

* Massages (extra charge)

* Cooking class

* Musical entertainment

* Squid fishing

* Vovinam Exercise

Prices from: 225$ USD

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

9. Stellar Of The Seas Cruise

Stellar Of The Seas are the leading line in 5-star cruises in Ha Long Bay which is not only a luxury cruise service of the highest safety standard but also a completely unique experience with a carefully researched itinerary, attentive service, authentic decor, delicious food... That makes your vacation be a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The cruise contains twenty-two elegant spacious rooms, full of finest comforts such as fine dining, the panoramic bar, wine and cigars cellar, golf club, seasonal swimming pool, beauty spa & massage, children playground… Their personalized service, tailored to your needs, is what sets us apart and makes your visit to Halong Bay unique and memorable. Board the Stellar of the Seas cruise where a mesmerizing experience is guaranteed.


* Kayaking

* Local rowing Boat

* Swimming

* Squid Fishing

* Tai chi Class

* Cooking Demonstration

* Wine & Cigars Celler

* Fitness Area

* Panoramic Bar

* Beauty and Spa Massage

* Mini Golf Course

Prices from: 186$ USD

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

10. Aspira Cruise

The pristine Lan Ha Bay is a perfect alternative for its crowded and famous neighbor, Halong Bay. Realizing the great potential of Lan Ha Bay, Aspira Cruise was launched to provide tourists with the excellent services and an off-the-beaten-path journey to Lan Ha Bay. Featuring modern styles and focusing on the authentic experience of passengers, Aspira Cruises would be the best selection compared to other mid-range vessels in Lan Ha Bay.

All the details in the design of Aspira Cruise are arranged meticulously to ensure the maximum comfort of all passengers. 22 luxurious cabins of Aspira Cruise are well-appointed with modern facilities, private balcony, bathroom and other necessary amenities. Besides, a system of restaurant, bar, spa and gym will give the best comfort to the journey of passengers to Lan Ha Bay on Aspira Cruises. Right from the first sight, tourists can fall in love with the elegant style and well-furnished facilities of Aspira Cruises.

Cruising to Lan Ha Bay on Aspira Cruise, tourists will reach a less touristy area right on the edge of Halong Bay. Lan Ha Bay owns a diverse system of flora and fauna, an appealing and gorgeous appearance, and a tranquil and fresh atmosphere. There tourists will get a chance to participate in plenty of exciting activities such as swimming, kayaking, mountain-hiking, cycling and squid fishing. 

If you are seeking an authentic journey to Lan Ha Bay to get closer to nature and the ocean, Aspira Cruises is a good option. The professionalism is maintained in the dedicated services, the elegant design and the well-trained staff will give you an experience of your lifetime.


* Kayaking, swimming, relaxing

* Local rowing Boat

* Swimming

* Massage and Spa Service

* Cooking and night Squid Fishing

Prices from: 173$ USD

Duration of Trips: 2 days 1 night/3 days 2 nights

Hope cruises recommendation from Asian Discovery Travel will make your visit to Ha Long Bay unique and memorable!