Exploring Y Linh Ho Village - Sapa

July 13, 2023

Located about 7km to the southwest of Sapa Town, alongside Muong Hoa River, Y Linh Ho is a small commune composed by a dozen of small hamlets scattering on the harsh mountain terrain with high and steep mountains.

Offering spectacular landscapes and cultural experience, Y Linh Ho Village is one neighborhood village that you don’t want to miss during your trip to Sapa.


Y Linh Ho Village

Here is the home of both the Giay and the Black H’Mong individuals. In this village, travellers often feel welcomed from all houses of the hospitable people. The locals would love to help you learn about their culture and special customs, including some daily activities such as weaving fabric and textiles. To encourage the locals’ traditional craft, tourists are suggested to buy the products not only for their distinction and beauty but also the practically useful features, such as brocade scarves, embroidering cuíhions or ethnic instruments for souvenirs.

The villagers are friendly, but the walks are the highlight of your trip. Walking along the path leading into the village, travelers are overwhelmed by such beautiful valley lying between hills, with clean fresh air and peaceful atmostphere. H’Mong’s wooden and bamboo houses scenery is also intriguing enough to stop by. You will then wander beside the river near Lao Chai Village, where you and even the local H’Mong can reside and enjoy picnic lunch together.

Along trekking route

The road leading to Muong Hoa Valley is narrow, only small cars and bikes can go through. It is best for you to ride a motorbike to enjoy the amazing path and blend in nature. However, the road might get slippery and dangerous to ride if you’re not comfortable with riding bikes. Then taking taxi to reach Y Linh Ho Village is another reliable option.

Many travelers prefer a guided tour combing Y Linh Ho Village visiting with Ta Van and Lao Chai Village for a one-day tour. You can try H’Mong guides for the interest of cultural experience.