5 Amazing Things About Trang An Complex in Ninh Binh

June 16, 2023


Trang An is an eco-tourism site located in Trang An World Heritage Complex in Ninh Binh province. It has been ranked by the Government of Vietnam as a particularly important national monument and recognized by UNESCO as a dual world heritage since 2014. Trang An with a system of limestone mountains with the geological age of about 250 million years, through a long time-weathered by the transformation of the earth, the climate, the sea progressed, and the sea receded brought in hundreds of valleys, caves, and lakes. Here are seven amazing things about Trang An when you travel, don’t miss it.

Natural Landscapes

Trang An has up to 31 lakes, lagoons connected by 48 caves, including 2-kilometer long caves such as Dia Linh cave, Sinh Duoc cave, May cave ... Each cave has a characteristic appearance. 

In the Trang An landscape complex, many caves are recognized as archaeological relics, they are being studied by British scientists such as:

  • Drum cave is a cave with many relics, traces of prehistoric people from 3,000-30,000 years ago, showing traces of Trang An culture Fortune-telling cave is located in the middle of Truong Yen and Gia Sinh communes, where there are imprints of ancient inhabitants living between 5,000 years and 30,000 years ago, showing vestiges of Trang An culture.
  • Relics of Thung Binh stone roof (Gia Sinh - Gia Vien) reveal traces of Hoa Binh cultural inhabitants.
  • The cave cluster of Mo cave, Co cave, Buffalo Cave, Hu Ngoai cave, Hu Trong cave has the imprint of Hoa Binh culture and Da But culture. Cho cave stone roof relic (Ninh Hai - Hoa Lu) has Hoa Binh cultural layer over 10,000 years ago.

Cruise On A Paddleboat

A paddleboat tour in Trang Anis an essential experience. Your own boatman or woman will paddle you along the gentle current, in the shadow of enormous, jungle-covered karsts. The boats stop at temples and glide underneath grottoes along the way.

Taste The Local Specialities

While in Trang An, Ninh Binh make sure to try the province's signature dishes: com chay and de tai chanh. Com chay is a fried rice crust which is eaten as a delicious snack or dipped into a warm stew. De tai chanh is made from goat meat – Trang An 's most popular protein -- lightly cured in lemon juice and tossed with chilies, lime leaves, and sesame seeds. For a real local breakfast, order a plate of banh cuon; fresh rice paper rolls filled with diced pork and mushrooms and served with mint and a mild fish sauce. 

Beauty Local Homestay

While the city of Ninh Binh is great for beer corners and local restaurants, just a short cycle away the homestays in Trang An will treat you to sweeping rice paddies and lush scenery. Ninh Binh's friendly locals will be happy to give you inside tips on the destination.

Hop On A Cycling Tour


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